Understanding the history page

Investments you can make on Silo

The “History” tab is the fourth tab on the Silo app. It serves as a valuable resource for clients to view a detailed record of all past activities and transactions within the platform. Whether you’re tracking bond orders, bank transactions, coupon payments, maturities, or membership fee charges, the History Page offers a comprehensive overview of your financial activities. Here's what you can expect to find on the Silo History Page:

Bond Order Details: The History Page displays a chronological list of all bond transactions, allowing users to review their investment journey with ease. Monitor the status of your bond orders, from pending, to submitted, to filled. If needed, you can take action to cancel an order here before it is filled.

Bank Transactions: Stay informed about incoming and outgoing bank transactions, and see the status of transfers change as they get updated. If necessary, simply click on a specific transfer and cancel if the status is still pending.

Coupon Payments: When an issuer pays a coupon, you’ll know exactly when and how much on the history page.

Maturities: When a certain bond expires, the maturity and principal payment will be available on the history page as a corporate action. Expecting a maturity? Check the history page to confirm it has been paid.

Membership Fee Charges: For users who are subject to the monthly fee, the History Page also documents membership fee charges.


While users have the flexibility to cancel bond orders or transactions, it's important to be aware that once bank transactions are processed or bond orders are filled, they cannot be canceled. Therefore, it's essential to review and confirm your transactions carefully before proceeding.

Contact support@silomarkets.com or submit a ticket through the app. Thank you for choosing Silo!