Understanding my portfolio

To access your portfolio, simply log into your Silo account. Upon entering the Portfolio tab, you'll be greeted with a snapshot of your total portfolio value, which includes both invested assets and uninvested cash.

Viewing Individual Bond Positions

Within the Portfolio tab, users can explore their individual bond positions, organized by issuer for easy navigation. Whether you've invested in government bonds or corporate bonds, Silo provides a clear breakdown of your holdings, allowing you to monitor your investment.

Organizing Bond Positions

Clicking on a specific issuer will reveal a detailed breakdown of your bond positions associated with that issuer. For instance, if you've invested in multiple bonds issued by the same issuer, you can view each bond individually, organized by maturity. Inside the positions page, you are able to see a breakdown of some of the following:

  • Quantity per Maturity: Silo displays the quantity of bonds you hold for each maturity date, allowing you to assess your exposure and diversification strategy.
  • Investment Amount: Users can view the total investment amount allocated to each bond, providing insights into their capital allocation and investment performance.
  • Net Return: Silo calculates the net return for each bond position, factoring in any capital gains or losses incurred since the initial investment.
  • Earned Interest: Track the interest earned on each bond position, helping you gauge the income generated from your investments over time.
  • Additional Insights: Silo may also provide additional insights such as a breakdown of concentration in each maturity and overall suitability of the portfolio.
Selling Bonds

Additionally, users can explore the option to sell bonds by clicking on the “Sell” button on a specific maturity date within their portfolio. This feature allows investors to consider their options for liquidating specific bond positions when deemed appropriate for their investment strategy.

We hope this breakdown of the portfolio page was of assistance to you. Contact support@silomarkets.com or submit a ticket through the app. Thank you for choosing Silo!