How to Update Your Profile Information on Silo

Keeping your profile information up to date on Silo is essential for ensuring that your account remains accurate and secure. Silo recommends that you review and update your information at least yearly. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to update your profile details:

After logging into your Silo account, navigate to the profile tab located on the bottom right of the screen. Profile settings can be found by clicking on the “Profile” button.

Updating Profile Information:

On the Profile page, you can update various personal details such as your address, mailing address, and beneficiary information. If you’d like to change your email address or phone number, please contact

Additionally, you have the option to change employment information, marital status, and dependents if applicable.

Silo allows you to update assets and investing information, which can have an influence on your experience within the app. It's crucial to pay attention to these details, as they affect the suitability scores within the app. These scores help tailor the bonds available on the platform to your financial profile.


It's advisable to review and update your profile information regularly, especially when there are significant changes in your personal or financial circumstances. Silo advises that personal information be reviewed on an annual basis or whenever a material change occurs in your financial profile. Ensuring that your profile information is accurate and up to date is essential for optimizing your experience on Silo. By following these steps, you can effectively manage your profile details and make informed decisions that align with your financial objectives. 

Contact or submit a ticket through the app. Thank you for choosing Silo!